5 Nifty Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Admit it – don’t you get bored just clicking the ‘Home’ button on Facebook every 20 seconds, I do! So I went and found 5 websites that are really quite useful, but not very popular. Take a look.

1. http://youconvertit.com

Allows you to convert files to a different format, great for solving them annoying errors you get when trying to open a file.


2. http://supercook.com

Recipe search engine, you just put your ingredients in and it will show you what you can make!


3. http://alternativeto.net

Haven’t got the money to buy all this professional software that’s avalible in our modern world? Easy, type in what software you want to replace, and it’ll come up with a cheaper or even free alternative.


4. http://joobili.com

Put your travel dates into a calender, and it’ll display the worlds events that are going on at those times. You could have a fantastic holiday!


5. http://animoto.com

Create your very own movie-like trailer using your own photos and videos, then add some music from the huge library and it’ll do the rest. Boom, you have your very own trailer of photos and videos.


My personal favourite is SuperCook(2), mainly because I like cooking things I’ve never even heard of!


Speak tomorrow!



Source: The Gadget Show UK