Why The End Of Facebook ISNT Near

Since it’s launch in 2004, Facebook has 7 million members and expects to hit 1 billion members early May – this has made it the biggest social networking site on the internet. After rumours that people should abondon Facebook now, I’ve decided to put a list together – here’s why the end isn’t near for Facebook.


Business Communication

The amount of small business that have started due to the recent economy crises here in the UK is huge, and advertising is very costly in our society. This is why more and more business owners are using Facebook to promote and advertise their products and services. Some  businesses thrive on Facebook to help pay their bills.


Global Communication

Again, due to the bad economy over the past few years in the UK – people have turned to cheaper ways of communicating with friends, family and business clients. Facebook is one of these methods – users can easily sign up and talk to anybody they want via Facebook. Using texts and mobile phone calls is nearly outdated due to Facebook being available on the move on your mobile phone, PDA’s or tablet.


Profit From Advertising

Facebook is one of the most valuable sites on the internet, however, it’s free to use? Well, ever noticed the small adverts or like suggestions in your sidebar – that’s how they earn their millions. Referring to ‘Business Communication’ – Businesses use Facebook Ads to help promote their products and services, knowing that they could potentially be seen by millions.


Facebook helps community’s

You may have seen more and more adverts on the television, or the internet for Facebook trying to help deprived community’s, by simply repainting the local park. Community’s that have received this help will be extremely determined NOT to let Facebook close.


I’ve also seen many people moaning about Facebook’s recent changes, including the new timeline feature – remember, you do not pay for Facebook and probably never will. It’s a free service open to the public that helps everybody in the world to communicate.


Orion stations to be ‘Free’

Media network Orion have announced that they’re re-branding nearly all stations to a ‘Free Radio’ network. Firstly, what a shabby name. Secondly, what a shabby logo. Thirdly, what a shabby idea.


There goes 25 years of local heritage down the drain. Orion have said that all programming will be kept, but for how long? Either this is a (very) early April fools joke, or they’re drunk.


The website was discovered as – http://wearefreeradio.co.uk

The logo is above! Rubbish.


More info nearer the launch.