Unsigned Band Saturday

Hey guys, this is a new feature I’m going to introduce every Saturday, I’ll list all submitted bands and some information about them. So, lets go!

Left For Red

Left For Red are a Four Piece Heavy Metal band formed in 2009 with members of Groove Sadistic, ShakeDown and Viable Truth. LFR have a wide range of influences from Pantera, Deftones, Tool, Rush, Alter Bridge and Strapping Young Lad to name a few. LFR’s sound is a mixture of Punk, Metal and Pop which makes you want to dance, sing and beat the crap out of the person next to you.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/leftforreduk


From the deepest depths of the Swindon music scene surfaces SkyBurnsRed, an electic rock band with a orchestral twist. Although guitar and violin would rarely associate under normal circumstances, the haunting tones of the classical instrument become electrified and entangled in the heavy rock foundations creating the bands striking sound.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/skyburnsred


Formed when three friends had a revelation and realised that they all played instruments, so they made a band. And named themselves after a map in COD4. In all fairness it wasn’t quite that thrown together but you get the general idea. After spending many months practicing and writing songs, Crossfire burst onto the music scene around August/September 2010, building up a local following and attracting the attention of promoters, venues and record label M.A.S Records. With their second studio recording coming soon in mid 2011, and progressively larger gigs under their belt, things are looking up for Crossfire.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/CrossfireUK

The Deli’s Mix

Since originally forming in August 2009 (though actually a full band since September 2011) The Deli’s Mix have gone through a number of line-ups with only two original members (Rich Zbaraski and Tom Zbaraski) remaining. In September 2011 The Deli’s Mix, after almost a year and a half of auditioning, finally found their line-up with Andy Cooper and Luke O’Neill joining to make this band. The Deli’s Mix played their first show at the Shed in Leicester as an audition for Glastonbudget (the biggest tribute/new acts festival in Europe) and got through. They recieved amazing feedback and have gained a large Facebook following since September 2011. The band have been noted for their musicianship by many people, and command of the stage. The Deli’s Mix are improving show by show, their next step being the Surface Unsigned festival. A huge international festival for unsigned artists.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thedelismix

Kenneth J Nash

Kenneth J Nash is an English singer songwriter with a growing collection of dark folk stories. Over the last year he has been busy playing both solo sets and with a backing band (The Earls) at various nationwide venues, festivals and radio interviews. Having just released his first limited issue LP ‘in the company of ghosts’ which sold out within a month of its release and with his second LP ‘Kenneth J Nash & the Earls – Under a gypsy moon’ just released (and with a further two waiting to be recorded), he can be best described as prolific and in demand.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/kennethjohnnash

The Vanishing Act 

“Whilst wandering the cold dark streets of Edgeley, in search of inspiration, Daniel “I only use 5 strings” Potts found what would go on to be the greatest musical discovery of all time. With the combined natural literary ability of Matthew “The Great Gatsby is the greatest novel ever” Moran and the bass/afro capabilities of Mark “I eat really loud” Dale. Combining every genre that nobody listens to, The Vanishing Act is not a band, it is a musical experience that promises to cripple the mind of those who can not contemplate a lack of rules.
The Vanishing Act are rather self indulgent…..”

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/DeadArchitectureOfficial

Beat Magnets

Hailing from Devon, Slough and Reading, Beat Magnets came together towards the end of November 2011. Rising from the ashes of 3 bands, something truly special happens when these guys play together. With their first gig of 2012 on the horizon; supporting The Wombats, it’s save to say 2012 will be their year!

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/beat.magnets

Making Maisie

We are a funk rock band formed out of Nuneaton. We consist of Bryn Walton, guitarist turned bassist, Joshua Neal Bate, Rugby based funk drummer and Louie Forde, ex-acoustic extraordinaire. We plan to gig, tour and play with music more than play it! Enjoy!

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MakingMaisie

Thats all the bands for this week – I’m sorry it’s not much, they’ll improve over the next few weeks (I hope).

Drummer Vacancy 

Death/Metal Core based in Coventry

Needs to be between 13 and 16 years old.

Needs a kit and to live in the Coventry area.

Email ‘subzeroman@hotmail.co.uk’ to apply.

See you all on Monday.

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