Why It’s Good To Be Single – Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day! The most unhappiest day of the year for single adults and teenagers everywhere, well, maybe not? I’ve put a list of 10 reasons why it’s good to be single, so, have fun!

1. Independence – Things are on your time, at your will and the way you like them. You are in
control of your destiny, you call the shots and can say yes or no as you see fit.
2. Accountability – Running late at the bar with your friends? Indulge a little too much on the credit
card this month? Don’t worry about it! There’s no one to report to but yourself!
3. Meeting New People – Variety is the spice of life and when you’re single, you have the
opportunity to meet tons of different people from all walks of life. Whether it’s for dating or
friendship, you can meet new people without worrying if your mate will like them, too. And you
never know – those new people can introduce you to more new people who may have a great
opportunity for you that will change your life!
4. Spontaneity – Fly to Paris. Go to dinner with friends after work. Drive to the beach and don’t
come home for 3 days. When you are solo, you can do crazy things at the drop of a hat with no
5. Friends – You have all the time in the world to see your friends now. They can be your support
system, your emotional center and your fun factory. In fact, good friends can give you almost
everything you might get from a significant other, so you won’t feel as if you are missing out on
6. Self-Care – Take that class you always wanted to. Give yourself a facial. Watch a foreign film
you love, rather than the hockey game a mate might want. Get to the gym…everyday! Taking
care of yourself will make you love yourself, and loving yourself is the best way to learn to love
7. Blossom – Go back to school or volunteer for a new project at work. Stretch yourself mentally,
physically and spiritually. If you’re shy, go out dancing with friends and walk up to a member of
the opposite sex and start up a conversation. Let yourself become the person you can be and
have always wanted to be!
8. Travel – Take advantage of “me” time, as well as great Internet fares, and do a little traveling –
especially in the summer months. Whether it’s for a weekend, a month or just a day, get in a car,
jump on a train or fly to a destination other than where you are now. It will revive your soul and
you never know who you might meet along the way!
9. Quorum is 1 – Decision-making is easier when it’s just you. Want to do something? Just do it.
There is no one to ask permission, and there are no schedules to coordinate!
10. Opportunity – Job transfer? Special invitation? Accept it and make the most of a great
opportunity. With no romantic ties, taking advantage of things that come your way is much easier
– and can be so rewarding.

I do apologise if some of the words are too hard for some people to read, I understand that literacy grades are shockingly low in the UK at the moment, no joke – http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Literacy/stats.asp

See you tomorrow!


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